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Post Production Services, Special Effects Companies

When a movie shoot is over, it is the job of post production department to complete the incomplete work.Our post-production services can transform any kind of still pictures into eye catchy motion pictures.

Diyi Technology is one of the prominent special effects companies offering post production services through a wide range of mediums such as video editorial, visual effects, 2D animation, advanced 3D modeling & animation, sound effects, music composition, web production and digital media. No project is too big or too small for our experts. We work with the best professionals to make sure your project is produced to the highest quality.

Our post production services

Editing the picture/ television programmes

Once the camera has been rolled down, scripts have been developed and pre production phase is complete, all of the footage is edited. Editors rearrange the film shots and put them in a right sequence to ensure the best work is preserved.

Editing the soundtrack

We edit the sound effects to produce an effective soundtrack for better cinematic experience. Our sound designers refine the dialogue and ambient sound captured during filming into a carefully engineered audio track. We provide sound track services for films, plays, music performance, computer game software or any other multimedia projects to set right tone and mood.

Adding visual special effects

At Diyi Technology, we synchronize our expertise, experience and equipment to produce mesmerizing visual effects for feature films, TV shows, commercials, home videos, entertainment and informative media. From traditional 2d animation to advanced 3d animation techniques, we utilize our imagination and knowledge to cast most appealing visual effects in your project.

Computer generated imagery CGI

We are specialists in providing the computer-generated imagery for movies, professional grade films, games, websites, corporate presentations, fine art and more. We combine highly skilled professionals providing first class image creation services to our diverse clients.

TV Commercials and internet commercials

We advertise your business better by placing your commercials and videos on television or internet. Our clients range from large corporations to small and local businesses. We make use of latest software to make the footage more appealing for ad films.

Transfer of film to video or data

We provide post production services for transfer of film to video or data with a telecine and color grading. Our experts clearly understand the clients' vision and portray it in an effective way. We transfer motion picture film into video form which enables it to be viewed with standard video equipment, such as televisions, video decks or computers. Further, the color of the picture is also enhanced electronically, photo-chemically or digitally to provide better viewing experience.

Diyi Technologies is one of the best special effects companies, providing the best of knowledge, innovation and technology to make your corporate film truly reflecting your corporate entity. We adorn your projects with personal attention, state of the art and equipment at competitive prices.

Post Production Services, Special Effects Companies