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Diyi Technology is a passionate animation studio with the technical and creative capabilities to create a new generation of character animation for films and TV, architectural visualization, virtual reality (VR), and web interactives. We specialize in 2D/3D animation, visual effects, computer graphics and web solutions.

Diyi Technology is a professional animation studio with expertise in all the fields of animation process. From script to screen, we assure perfection for every project we undertake. Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, Broward Florida, DIYI technology has created a new generation of architectural visualization, flash animation and special effects.

Diyi Technology specializes in 2d/ 3d animation, visual effects, computer graphics and web solutions. We are a professional 3D animation producer for animation movies, computer game design, logos, text animation, product demos, television programs, presentations and websites amongst others. Whether your project is big or small, our team of talented professionals assure you timely deliveries, strict quality controls and flexible services to meet your computer animation needs.

With successful billion dollar animation movies projects in our hands and prestigious awards for excellence under our belt, we have successfully completed over hundred projects of character animation movies. We make objects moving miraculously with our unique animation techniques, modern arts and presentation capabilities. We are presently serving in North America, Europe and Asia and catering to many national and international clients. We actively participate in major international animation festivals and exhibitions to keep ourselves updated. We make sure to keep our knowledge, tools and technology up to date in order to provide most innovative solutions to our clients.

Whether it a short animation movie or bigger projects, we are committed to provide most lively in terms of animation, most adventurous in terms of computer game design and most innovative in terms of visualization.

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Our objective is to make the best of all available technologies and our creative talents to deliver the most professional yet cost-effective services to our customers.

News Archive
Diyi Technology has finished 5 min episode 1 of ABC (Activity Burst in Classroom), animated kids fitness program, by working with Good To Go Gang (GTGG) and other partners.
The Alpha version of The World Tour (TWT) 3D Flash game, coproduced by Diyi Technology and Chsin Music Group has been completed. We are working with Chsin, Amazon, and other major partners to create the Beta in 2 months.
Paul Duan, the president of Diyi and Philip A. Ferretti, our Art Director had a lecture tour in different art schools in China and received tremendous amount of compliments. We also had several business meetings with some of the investment groups and animation studios in China to discuss further cooperation in near future.
We are working with the Chasin Music Group in Boca Raton along with a few other record label companies to develop a major web based Flash game with 3d elements. The rendering and video demo have been completed on 4/26/2011.
Paul Duan, the president of Diyi Technology, was invited to give a lecture to the faculty and students of the New Media (animation) Department of Yunnan University China. An agreement to enhance cooperation and exchange of animation technology between the two parties has also been signed after the lecture. Diyi and its China studio Guuloo Technology will be the sole internship base for the students!
Thanks to the hard work of the Diyi and Guuloo team, Diyi Technology has officially completed the CG and VFX work for Ascend Philosophy, a documentary about experiencing The Next Level of Media Ministries and Philosophy pertaining to the Evolution of Mankind . The DVD is scheduled to hit the market in Fed 2011.
Diyi Technology today announced a partnership with Polar Productions Animation House to co-produce 10 animated episodes for Good To Go Gang (GTGG) . This project is expected to complete in 4 months.
After months discussion and negotiation, Diyi Tech has signed a contract to create a series of CG/VFX for a documentary Gate Of Heaven. The first chapter is expected to be completed at the end of October 2010. 5 more chapters will be done after that.
Diyi Tech is now doing a TV commercial for a public company. This commercial is expected to be completed in Mid August.
Diyi Tech has been working with a local fashion designer in Miami to produce a mini movie series to promote the brand recognition.
Our studio has successfully completed an animation presentation for a patent-pending pan system.
Diyi Tech worked with a local Rap singer Terry Bennett in Hollywood FL and produced a 3D character mascot "winbee" and an animated MTV trailer for his single "We In Da Club",
Diyi Technology has officially become a member of vfxconnection.com, a web site connecting visual effects & animation professionals.
Diyi Tech is entering into a long-term agreement to work with Polar Productions Animation House to create all marketing materials for Good to Go Gang (GTGG) program. This agreement will cover graphics on the GTGG lunch kit, redesign of the goodtogogang.com web site and 3D animation episodes based on the comic books.
Diyi Technology and its partner company Guuloo Technology have completed a 15-min video with animation and special effects for a billion dollar project of Light Rail Transit (LRT). This is a typical transportation system simulation.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons has contracted Diyi Technology to create animated training materials for its New York Office.
Diyi Technology has received a contract to create animation for a number of patent pending products for Pacibaby Bottles & Products.
WE WON AWARD!!!:-) We are extremely excited and honored to announce that our animated short film The Archer and the Suns has just won the 2nd prize Silver Flamingo Award at the 2009 South Beach International Animation Festival . The Festival showed 97 films from 14 countries in 4 days.
Our 3D animated short film The Archer and the Suns (后羿射日动画片), produced by Diyi Technology and its China partner Guuloo Technology, has been officially selected to be screened at the 2009 South Beach International Animation Festival and the 5th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF), the largest of its kind in China.
Diyi Tech has been invited to attend the South Florida Business EXPO 2009, to showcase our latest web and animation projects and connect with new prospects and old clients.
After five months of hard work and many sleepless nights, a 4-minute trailer clip of 3D animated film The Archer Houyi and the Suns (后羿射日动画片) produced by Diyi Technology, along with its China partner Guuloo Technology, has been officially released. We look forward to partnerships with film makers, investors and distributors who share our enthusiasm and fantasy in 3d animation and Chinese cultures.
Diyi Tech has just signed a contract with Heng Yunyuan Mines Corp. to create a full set of 3D renderings and animation to simulate their Wind Power site. We also are builing two new sites respectively for Broward Tennis Flex League and Zen Village, a charitable holistic educare center in Miami.
Diyi Technology, partnering with Guuloo Technology in China, has successfully held a press release on 05/05/2008, announcing the historic begin-shooting of 3D Animation movie "Hou Yi Shot the Suns" based on a Chinese legend originated thousands of years ago. The short demo is expected to be ready at the end of year 2008.
Diyi Tech is redesigning RecycledPcParts.com and other marketing materials, as joint efforts to promote eco-friendliness to Florida residents and business communities.
Diyi Technology Animation Studio is now creating a visual effect (bridge explosion) for a full-length documentary movie produced by an independent film production company in Texas. This movie will be released in early 2008.
Because of our excellent work in previous projects for the City Redevelopment Agency of City of Lauderhill, Diyi Technology has been rewarded another contract to redesign the lauderhillcra.com web site. This job is expected to complete in 4 business weeks.
Diyi Technology has just completed a video production for Atlantic International Group to help promote their Asian Trade Center project in Michigan to both Chinese and American authorities. Phase II of this project, a 3D flythrough of the facility, is expected to begin in late September.
We have partnered with Ten-8 Software Solutions to develop an interactive program, The Traffic Statute Identification Program (TSIP), to assist officers with identifying the proper statutes to use in the field or the booking area. We will start developing The Criminal Statute Identification Program (CSIP) in early August.
Diyi Technology is going to the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) to be held in Orlando, Florida July 12-14, 2007. We will be showcasing our latest animation and rendering works and distributing promotional mini-DVD. We hope to see you all at our booth No. D1289 :-)

Visit our SEBC Virtual Trade Show section at http://www.theauroras.com.
Diyi Tech has received a purchasing order from the City of Lauderhill to create a 3D walkthrough for part of the US 441 corridor project. We expect to complete this animation in 4 business weeks.
Diyi Tech is undertaking phase II of Virtual Reality and renderings for DECCO BATH & SHOWER WORKS. This project is expected to be completed at the end of March 2007.
Diyi Tech has just signed a contract with Rotortech Services, Inc. at West Palm Beach to create a series of 3D rendering for their new helicopter hangar/office building near the airport. This project is to be completed in 4 business weeks.
We were invited to attend the Art Deco Weekend events between Jan 12-14, 2007 in Miami. He actively exchanged ideas with artists and architects from both S. Florida and Shanghai, and also worked as a temporary interpreter for the artists and officials from Shanghai.
Diyi Tech has completed a contracted project with the College of Engineering and Computing of the Florida International University (FIU). Click here to view a 3D walkthrough video clip of their Future House USA project, to demonstrate the most modern and environmentally sustainable construction practices and technologies.
Thanks to our excellent services and business relation with the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the City of Lauderhill, Diyi Technology has been again contracted to create a Virtual Reality (VR) product to simulate the four upcoming porjects in the State Road 7 area, namely Carishoca, All Americas Cultural Mall, The Gospel Complex For Education and Preservation, and Arts Incubator.
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Since its inception in 2003, Diyi Technology has been serving customers in Florida and other states. We are also aggressively involved in international projects by working with other studios and investors outside the United States. We have completed over a hundred projects of character animation, pre-vis, architectural 3D walkthrough, and interactive web sites for customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. We are an active participant in major international animation festivals and exhibitions.

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